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Backtagging Yes.
Threadjacking/threadhopping Just let me know first!
Fourthwalling No.

Fighting Yes.
Injuries Yes.
Killing No.
Telepathy/mind-reading Let know first.

Hugging He probably won't hug you back, but go for it!
Flirting Obliviousness! He has it! But you can try.
Kissing and/or other intimate actions If the relationship has developed for enough sure, otherwise he'd just stare at you blankly going "...why?" Unless you're Aerith or Tifa, he'll go pink.

Anything else you'd like to make known? He still has his wing from the first game! They never said how he got the wing, let along if he really ever got rid of it, so I decided he keeps it though it's often hidden. He can glide around with it, no flying though.


May. 18th, 2011 12:16 am
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"This is Cloud. Leave a message."

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